Field Marketing: how does this marketing strategy work?

Field Marketing is a marketing strategy in which, without intermediaries, you will achieve that your potential clients end up convinced that your brand is the best option to meet their needs or desires.

For no one is a secret that the way of selling has changed over the years, before it was enough to have striking showcases to captivate consumers, the product was what interested.

Nowadays it is no longer the case, if you want to be successful in the sale of your products or services, the tendency is for the consumer to become the protagonist of your campaign, that is why Field Marketing is the option that we recommend for you. the preparation of your campaigns.

Without further ado, in this article we will explain everything related to this wonderful strategy, how it has revolutionized the world of marketing, what advantages it offers you. In addition, we will show you some examples where you can better understand how it is used.

Keep reading and know everything related to this topic, go ahead!

What is Field Marketing?

Field Marketing is a marketing strategy that eliminates any type of intermediaries with consumers, in order to develop a direct interaction with them and achieve that they go from being public to being customers.

Its main objective is that the consumer has direct interaction with your brand. As long as you participate in the marketing strategy with which you are in contact, understand everything that corresponds to your brand, you will probably end up being a client.

Previously, the consumer was a passive entity, who only limited himself to observe and according to that he made the decision of whether the brand was the right one to solve his problem.

With Field Marketing we are looking for the consumer to stop being passive and become the protagonist of your campaigns.

Types of Field Marketing

There are several types of Field Marketing, but before teaching them, it is important to know that the type of strategy you use is going to depend on what product or service you offer and your buyer person. From there, you will select the type of strategy that suits your project.

So, their types are:


They are usually stands where promotions and demonstrations of the product are carried out.

They aim:

  • Break the barrier between the consumer and your product;
  • capture the attention of potential customers;
  • give all the information that consumers require;
  • encourage the point of sale.


This technique has as objective that the consumer has a direct contact with your product. It is generally used for electronic equipment.

Street Shows

They are based on the techniques of street marketing, and these are nothing more than creative activities that take place on the street and / or in public places in order to have direct contact with your target audience.

Viral actions

This strategy consists of generating quality content. The objective is that the content is so good that the consumer can not resist sharing it in their social networks, in this way you will get an increase in the visualization of your brand.

Road shows

It is one of the best ways to make your company visible to your audience.

It is achieved by making your brand reach where your potential customers are, the message is transmitted using cars and / or buses labeled with your brand.

Field Marketing Advantages

Surely it is already clear that the main advantage of Field Marketing is that the consumer will have direct participation (without intermediaries) in your marketing strategy.

Field Marketing achieves better communication, experience, and no less important that you know everything related to your brand, so that eventually you are convinced that your product or service is the best option.

Ok, if it is true that this is the main advantage, then we will mention other benefits that you can obtain with this strategy:

Low cost

One of the benefits of this type of strategy is that you can prepare them at different scales and with different types of scopes.

As you progress and observe the results you can make decisions regarding its scope.

Direct contact

By having direct contact with consumers, you will easily achieve good communication with them. In this way, you can transmit the message in a clearer way and be attentive to any type of doubt that the consumer may have.

Customer loyalty

Having a complete attention in the consumer, you will improve your experience and you will grow your trust in your brand, converting it to a loyal customer and even that by your own decision, promote your brand.

Get first-hand information

Obviously you will have a defined target audience, but one detail can always escape, that is why this type of strategy is very helpful.

By having direct contact with the consumer you can analyze their responses and that information will help you make relevant adjustments and improve the results of your campaign.


You will be able to realize the importance of Field Marketing in today’s advertising campaigns. This strategy not only serves to improve your sales, but to achieve an authentic connection between your target audience and brand.

Having a direct contact with consumers will make you have constant feedback with them and you will get all the necessary information to be constantly improving.

It is important to highlight that this strategy can be adapted to your project, no matter what product or service you are going to offer, it is enough to define your buyer person so you know what kind of strategy will best match your idea.

It is also very important that the people who are part of your team are the best representatives of your brand so that the experience provided to the clients is the best possible and that they always have you as their first choice.

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