Geomarketing: what it is and what it is for

It is clear that we have more and more tools at our disposal that allow us to get even closer to our clients and it is necessary to know how to get the most out of it. In this case we talk about geomarketing, a technique that allows us to know our customers much more and offer them just the products and services they need.

Without knowing your customers, geographical or sociodemographic characteristics, it is much more difficult (if not almost impossible) to adapt our offer to your specific needs. So, if you want to know what geomarketing is, what it is for and how it can help you in your business, read on!

What is geomarketing?

One of the best definitions is from Charco 2003 in which it indicates that geomarketing is a set of techniques that allow analyzing the economic-social reality from a geographical point of view, through cartographic instruments and tools of spatial statistics.

Therefore, we can start from the basis that geomarketing is a marketing area based on geographic information systems, which is used to analyze business situations based on the location of a customer. This information is collected on a personalized map where you can place the customer, as well as offices, points of sale or positioning of the competition.

The development of mobile telephony, apps, GPS and even the use of social networks and the option to share or publish the location have revolutionized geomarketing. A wide range of possibilities has been opened and you can take advantage of them for your business.

What is geomarketing for?

Can you imagine knowing at all times where your customers are? From the point of view of a company, knowing the location of its customers is essential to offer a much greater degree of customization.

A good sales weapon

From the user’s point of view, receiving personalized and adapted notifications or alerts is something that you will appreciate. And this is something very common that is done in app marketing.

It is not the same to receive an alert from the app of your favorite pizzeria at 1:30 p.m., when you are taking a walk through the city center and want to eat something, than to receive it at 4 p.m. when you are still in the job.

Geomarketing is a key tool to optimize the results of your business.

Advertising on social networks

Many advertising platforms are aware of the importance of geomarketing. If you have ever created an advertising campaign on Facebook , you will have noticed that when creating your ad you can segment it based on the geolocation of your audience.

Imagine that you are a company that organizes events and you want to promote a new exhibition that opens in Gerona. If what you are looking for is to optimize the results, perhaps the most convenient thing is that you segment your audience by provinces and directly discard those locations in which you think your ad is not relevant, such as, for example, Galicia, Castilla León, Asturias … , those areas furthest from your city where you know you will hardly get conversions.

Also in Google AdWords

The same goes for the other advertising giant. With Google Adwords you can define what area you want to direct your ads to get the best results. Do you have a sports shop in Zaragoza and do not ship to the Canary Islands? Why show your ads there if they will never make a purchase on your website?

Improve your search engine visibility

Another of the most common applications of geomarketing is in local positioning. When a user performs a certain search on Google, the IP from which he connects gives the browser enough information to show relevant results for that client. Therefore, depending on the type of business you have, making a strong local SEO strategy can be crucial.

This only makes sense if you want to focus your business on a specific area. For example, a tapas bar in Almeria or a hairdresser in Badajoz. Because of the type of activity you do, optimizing your website locally will allow you to improve your visibility for those customers that we have geographically located.

Do not forget that an SEO tool will also help you improve your search engine visibility and attract new customers to your business.

Market analysis and investment optimization

And of course, one of the most important applications of geomarketing. If we are able to locate our customers and our competitors on a map, we will have very useful information when it comes to expanding our business in new markets.

We will know how our customers are distributed in their own region, which competitors are nearby or what market share we have. It is a good way not to go blind and identify opportunities for your business strategy.

If you think that geomarketing cannot help you with your business, you are very wrong. There are many more advantages than you think when you apply such a strategy in your company. Below we see them in more detail.

Benefits of geomarketing for your business

We have just seen in what areas or in what strategies geomarketing plays an important role for our business. And it is clear that if we know how to apply it, it will bring us benefits that can give our company a boost.

  • Greater segmentation of your customer base
  • Geomarketing allows us to optimize our investment and marketing efforts
  • You provide customer value by offering a better user experience
  • You improve the relationship and communication with your customers thanks to greater customization power
  • Make the most of your investment in advertising by showing it only to the public that interests us
  • If in addition to an online business you have a physical business, you can design sales routes with much more precision
  • You know your customers more to create a buyer person or customer prototype
  • Greater knowledge of the competition
  • You know the best location for a new opening or expansion of your business

In conclusion

In short, the main objective of geomarketing is to optimize your results to the maximum. It is clear that when you can communicate with your customers in a much more personalized way, the results are visible.

As we have just seen in this post, today using geomarketing techniques in our business is not complicated, and best of all, in many cases you can do it without spending a single euro. So you know, if you want to improve the results of your business, geomarketing is a good strategy that you can take advantage of.

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