What is buzz marketing and how do you get people to talk about you

Do you know when all of a sudden everybody starts talking about the same subject? Looks like we can not get away from the comments that come up at work, at the gym, at happy hour, at WhatsApp groups, at the bank line …

What you may not have thought of is that companies can produce this type of reaction in the market, becoming increasingly known by the consumer with buzz marketing strategy.

But what does this concept mean? Does it bring benefits to a business? What can a company do to fall on the people’s mouths, call attention to their products, create brand awareness – the famous brand awareness – and bill a lot? Continue reading and find out the answer!

What is buzz marketing?

To begin with, buzz is a buzzing (like a swarm). It can also be translated as “a fact that creates stimulation or animation”.

So buzz marketing is the strategy that creates a motivation for people to comment on a brand, service or product.

The main objectives are to generate a buzz in the market to get consumers to pay attention to the company and to engage with the target audience.

However, buzz marketing is different from viral marketing.

In the first case, the goal is to generate comments about the brand or product, to give people reason to talk about the subject or about the campaign itself. It works as a word of mouth and is completely focused on dialogue.

Viral marketing is part of another proposal. Its intention is to create content that makes people not resist the urge to share. Therefore, the public does not necessarily speak about the subject, but it is understood that the action was successful when these people pass on the message ceaselessly, that is, it viralizes.

What is the focus of buzz marketing?

The focus of buzz marketing is to attract two specific types of consumers:

  1. Pioneers
  2. Early adopters.

These two groups of people are usually willing to experiment with the news that appear on the market. So if a company makes that noise and gets the attention of these two groups, it is possible that they become the first customers of the brand or the product launched.

If the brand can satisfy these customers, it can start a real climb to success. After all, these consumers will start talking about the brand to others who, in turn, will also tell about the product to their contacts, expanding the reach of the business.

What are the benefits of buzz marketing?

Wondering how a business can benefit from buzz marketing? See what the advantages of this strategy are!

Low investment

Although there is an initial investment, when the business really succeeds in generating a buzz, the comments grow naturally.

People will talk about the brand or the specific action of the company for free, generating a spectacular return.

In addition, uniting creativity and good planning gets all that buzz from simple and cheap actions. That way, you get the attention of a huge audience, but have made a low investment.

This more “fussy” contact is able to generate leads that, with their next digital marketing actions ( automated emails , rich material offerings etc.), will become customers.


Always remember one golden rule of marketing: Consumer believes in another consumer.

As the comments come from customers and users of the products and services, their testimony weighs heavily so the public will interest or even believe that it is worth trying their offer.

Also, do you remember which audience buzz marketing focuses on? As we speak, they are the pioneers and early adopters.

Since they are always tuned in to the news, the audience in that segment usually knows these people and knows that they are accustomed to testing new products and telling them if they actually deliver what they promise. This recommendation is seen practically as a seal of quality.

Great extent

Buzz marketing works like an avalanche: an initial group talks about your product or action to your contacts.

These people share the content with their friends who, in turn, also do not want to be left out of the wave and pass on the information. So the reach increases, and soon many people will know the subject and make it a theme for their comments.

How to implement buzz marketing strategies?

Want to know how to make buzz marketing and draw public attention to your business? Check out our tips to rock your strategy!

Use the buzz buttons

The buzz buttons are a kind of triggers that make people pay attention to something.

Do you know those themes that arouse people’s curiosity, that feeling that they need to see it and can not move on without taking a peek? That’s what we’re talking about!

For the publicist Mark Hughes, who has observed this phenomenon and even published a book on the subject, there are six themes that trigger the buzz button:

  1. the taboo,
  2. the unusual,
  3. the extraordinary,
  4. the shocking,
  5. the hilarious,
  6. the secret.

Appealing to them creates a great chance to catch the public’s attention.

Exceed expectations

It’s no good getting people’s attention with the buzz buttons if, after answering that call, they are disappointed with what you offer.

Your audience needs to think “Wow!” After they have met your invitation, be it the action of clicking a link or buying a product.

It’s important that people find something phenomenal that exceeds their expectations.

Create a Mystery

Communication with the public can give tips about the product or the company, but always with the goal of making people curious. Do not give away the gold, but get your audience to start thinking about theories related to their next action or launch.

And speaking of launch, buzz marketing works just as businesses do with some movies.

Have you noticed that Marvel, for example, lets loose a few teasers and little spoilers? Some even look like a bunch of actors during the interview, right?

This tactic of just giving a little hint about what is going to happen leaves fans crazy.

And what do they do?

They speculate about the plot, the characters, the possible connections between scenes, and so on. That is, before the movie, there is a damn buzz about him!

What are the precautions to use buzz marketing?

Although it is a great strategy, there are also precautions to use buzz marketing.

If to arouse people’s curiosity you use some strategies that can be considered misleading afterwards, very carefully!

After all, the goal is to have a positive impact on the brand, not the other way round.

While buzz marketing is naturally controversial and provocative, it is also essential to take care not to offend groups.

A game that seems innocent to those who created it can reach the public in a completely different way than expected, generate constraints and bring a great loss of image to the brand.

So always think about what can be valuable to your audience and invest in more than one strategy.

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