which of the following helps you understand the marketing effectiveness of your e-commerce site?

Question: Which of the following helps you understand the marketing effectiveness of your e-commerce site?

  • shopping cart
  • product database
  • site tracking and reporting system
  • inventory management system

Answer: site tracking and reporting system

What Is A Website Tracking System

The racking system will tell you who’s doing what. A site tracking system is a set of tools that provides you with a complete set of Statistics to help you monitor and track visitors to your site. A tracking system collects statistical data on visitor traffic and aggregates the data into significant reports.

How are You Tracking Your Website’s Visitors and Usage?

One of the biggest advantages of online marketing (for example. pay per click or search engine optimization) over offline marketing is the ability to track every dollar you spend to determine the type of return it is producing for you. With some extremely useful tools, such as Google Analytics, you are able to track virtually all the things a visitor does once they visit your site. Site tracking and reporting can help you optimize your site and web marketing efforts to get the best possible return.

Why Do I Need A Website Tracker?

  • A good tracker will show you, at the click, exactly what happens on your site.
  • Tracking system can provide unique visitor numbers and much more detailed forms of information, such as individual click streams and search terms.
  • A tracking system goes one step beyond the counters. A tracking system will also eliminate the large amounts of man-hours needed to generate and interpret log files.
  • Tracking systems are a new generation of technology, designed to make website statistics easily accessible. The goal is to generate effortless traffic reports.

Opentracker provides a set of tools to help you understand all portions of your site and how your visitors use it.

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